Factory Line

Factory Line
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Factory Line

FACTORY LINE SYSTEM of KCON is flexible wiring system of a fixed load use and it is the best and most appropriate system in terms of labor fee, facility and maintenance, and safety, and it is a general electric wire system that does not need to assign a power branch location. By using the FACTORY LINE SYSTEM, we can freely connect or disconnect every plugs, the branch location can be freely change depending on the layout of the plant equipment, and it can be configured other electrical equipment such as power and lamp. Enormous saving of wire volume is possible and in particular the cases of FACTORY 100A, 60A, 30A, it is possible to supply the power to the three-phase power and single phase power with only the single circuit wiring.

Factory Line 200/100/60

It is large multifunctional ducts that do not need to specify the location of the power supply of the power, the outlet, and the light fixtures. As is seen at the picture, the Factory line 100/60 is constructed of two kinds of conductors that is divided into top and bottom parts. Among these two types of conductors, the top is three-phase main line (or three-phase circuits) and are used to supply power to the engine load, outlets, lights, and other branch circuits. In order to supply single-phase power to the lighting, power, and outlet up to 20A 250A, is possible to be done at the bottom of the conductor. Factory Line 200 duct is only possible for 3P 200A circuit. Thus, the Factory Line can be operated simultaneously with other type of electrical equipment through a duct.

Factory Line 30

30A ducts for branched circuits are constructed of 4-duct and small power, outlet, and lighting power, etc. can be used from anywhere in the duct. As shown here, the Factory Line 30 Duct is constructed to 4-Conductor that divided into top and bottom level. Because a three-phase power supply circuit or two circuit of single-phase power (one is upper level, and one is lower level) can use power from one duct, hence the power can supply to wide range of load. Plug can be freely connected or disconnected, and there is no need to specify the branch location. Lighting and outlet power for the assembly line can be constructed of one duct using upper level conductor is used for single-phase 250V lighting power and lower conductor is used for the single-phase 250V outlet power.

Factory Line 20

Factory Line 20 that is 20A Duct can simultaneously supply the power to the work lighting and the outlet. Factory Line 20 can be economically installed to the work lighting and the outlet, factories with spot light, cultural facilities and other facilities and it will satisfy the supply of appropriate 20A power. Main Unit consists of many parts.