Tro-Reel HS (Non Tension Type)

Tro-Reel HS (Non Tension Type)
Center feed-in Joiner Conductor Cleaner Collector (maintenance)
Collector Arm Sheath Cutter Guide Cap
Hanger Insulating Piece 90A TRO-REEL HS

Tro-Reel HS (Non-tension type)

The return circuit has become more and more complex and diverse in recent years. Such routes converters must be capable to meet these increased requirements. Tro Reel can easily install not only the general converter like Hoist and Crane but also specialized converter including branch circuit unlimited orbit. Any converters are possible with Tro-Reel.

  • Select the appropriate capacity to the load
  • Easy installation
  • Easy on-site processing
  • Easy installation of specialized converters
  • Can be used in harsh environments
  • Can be installed 100m without the connection part
  • Condition of the collector is good even during in operation