Kcon's History

our history

  • 1980′s

    October, 1981
    Established Dong-Ah Jeon Kwan

    April, 1982
    Japan MATSUSHITA ELECTRIC WORKS. LTD (Signed contract for NATIONAL commercial company agent) 12 products including FA DUCT, LIGHTING TRACK

    December, 1987
    Established foundation of Dong-Ah Jeon Kwan Stock Company Corporation

  • 1990′s

    March, 1993
    Korean Industrial Standards indication permission acquisition (Permission Number: 9908)-(Industrial Advancement Administration)

    April, 1994
    Quality assurance notarization enterprise qualification acquisition (“Q” marks)

    October, 1994
    Official approval and acquisition of the explosion-proof electrical machinery

    June, 1996
    Apply for the patent OA FLOOR using recycled lumber (application No. 96-279)

    November, 1996
    Obtained new technology certification (number 96-76) Small and Medium Business Administration

    September, 1998
    Obtained trade permission registration (number 11543660)-(Corporation Aggregate Korean Trade Association)

    October, 1998
    Acquisition of formal written acknowledgement for import electric products (Industrial Advancement Administration)

    November, 1999
    Seoul region Small and Medium Business Administration designation venture business selection (99112571-1811th)

  • 2000′s

    October, 2000
    Trunking duct utility registration acquisition (registration system 0207485 unit) – Patents Administration

    October, 2000
    ISO 9002 KSA 9002 certification

    November, 2000
    Trunking duct utility registration acquisition (registration 0213249th) – Patents Administration

    March, 2001
    Application for current UL certification (CONDUCTOR RAIL type)

    June, 2001
    selected for promising export small business designation enterprise (Je Choog Buk 2001-006)

    January, 2002
    exposure wiring duct design registration acquisition (registration system 0291333 unit) – Patents Administration

    January, 2002
    air conditioner duct design registration acquisition (registration system 0291335 unit) -Patents Administration

    February, 2002
    Signed contract for official designation commercial agent with Germany Weidmuller Company

    February, 2002
    February Load converter patent acquisitions (patent 0324809th) – Patents Administration

    October, 2002
    Corporation changed to Stock Company KCON

    May, 2003
    Power supply rail for the railroad utility script registration acquisition (registration system 0314219 unit) – Patents Administration

    March, 2004
    March lightweight electric railroad power system similar trademark registration (registration system 0348761 unit)

    March, 2005
    Signed contract with HITACHI PLANT Company “POWER CONTACT LINE” for railroad

    May, 2005
    Signed contract with Hitachi Plant Singapore monorail power rail

    December, 2005
    Trade association registrations: 45250352

    January, 2006 ISO9001: 2000 K01-859

    October, 2006
    Signed contract with Dae Jun Science Center for magnetic levitation train power rail

    July, 2009
    Pusan subway line3, second phase (Mi Nam ~ An Feong) main segment Stinger equipment establishment – (with trolley booth duct equipment purchase)