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Kcon building in Korea
Changing domestic and international industrial environments demands new challenges to KCON International, Ltd.

KCON International, Ltd. committed to creating greater value through research and developments based on trust of the existing customers of the moving track in order to quickly respond to the needs of today’s demand.

KCON International, Ltd. produce and supply moving track products such as Tro-Reel, High-Tro-Reel, Trolley Duct, Factory Line, Lighting Track, etc that are developed by combining advanced technology. The excellence of our products and technology was already recognized by obtaining JIS, CE certifications and we are in continuously working to reach the market and provide customer satisfaction through development of new products and obtaining patent. We will work to grow as a global company of the 21st century and for the satisfaction of the customers, we will make continuous qualitative and quantitative growth. We wish for the growth of your company and promise to repay for your unwavering kindness with the world-class quality products.

Thank you.
KCON International, Ltd.