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Contactless Power Supply System

All the main power equipment used these days are powered through the plug and socket. So, there were a lot of problems to supply power to moving equipment. Until now, we use slides contact such as Trolley bar to supply the power and a common method used to supply movement to a device such as returnable cars is to equip the car with battery. Feeding method using a slide contact wear due to friction arising out of dust and iron, copper, lead-containing dust and bad contact, etc. can create serious problems in areas like semiconductor industries that require clean environments, and this problem is a very significant issue in reality. To solve these problems, non-contact power supply has been developed. This is, without a direct electrical connection or physical contact transfer electrical energy by magnetic induction phenomenon.

Contactless Power Supply

Conductor Rail

The historical flow such as breed of products, an increase of parts, a required improvement of the flexibility in the process of production. One of them is the flexibility of the factory wiring.

KCON, Inc automation team provides benefits to our customers with the systems such as a specific route for (moveable) Tro for-Reel bird and Trolley Duct, and the specific route for (fixed) Factory Line, the information transmitter Trolley Motion.

Conductor Rail

Duct Systems

Trolley Duct is a transport feeder system developed with the wiring of the electrical equipment that is used while transporting things such as electric hoist, mobile crane, automated warehouse system, and conveyor. Trolley duct is made up of the long-life metal duct that contains a bare conductor that is in regular intervals by the transportation facilities of the collector, used for all kinds of applications, the trolley that provides a wide range of parts, and highly insulating materials. The trolley duct system has been contributing to decrease labor costs and to guarantee the safety of all kinds of factories such as auto factories, shipyards, machinery, electrical machinery, and textile industries.

Duct Systems

Rail & Insulator

Light Rail Transit (city rail) Rail & Insulator

The city rail is constructed as a railway in the center section of the city and it effect of the air pollution and vibration noise, which allows quick, comfortable and safe transportation, it also enables unmanned automatic driving system.

KCON, Inc treat Aluminum SUS, Aluminum Tinned Copper Cap Rail and Insulator for city rail use and presently we are contributing to the light rail transit rail (city rail) business of the monorail project in the Island of Sentosa by distributing the Power Contact Line, etc.

Rail and Insulator